View Full Version : Anyone have a 6800?

06-11-04, 01:20 PM
I'm looking to get rid of this FX 5900 ASAP. The whole FX line was just a bunch of crap in DX 9 games. Nvidia really got on the ball with the 6800 series. Does anyone actually have one of these cards. I'd want the 6800 GT since my PS and CPU are too weak for the 6800 Ultra. I'm hoping the GT will be available in early July. It should beat out ATI's X800 PRO.

06-11-04, 03:05 PM
Nvidia has lowered the powersupply requirement from 480 to 350 minimum. You got a PS less then 350?

06-11-04, 07:11 PM
Quality and luck that counts people got it running in shuttle box with 200W PSU , you never know untill you try ;)