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06-12-04, 02:04 AM
Hey all, Im ready to get a new monitor ive been looking at the NEC/Mitsubishi 22" 2070-BK Monitor. Ive also been considering the NEC/MITSUBISHI FE991SB-BK 19", and Iiyama VM Pro 454 19". (Any other suggestions 19" and above, under $425 are welcome, excluding shipping) Monitor will be used for Gaming/3d Art/Photoshop/web/DVDs/browsing

Im really torn though.. I found the NEC 2070-BK for 400$ + 60$ Shipping recertified online, and ive heard its a BEAST of a monitor for gaming.. BUT it has problems with displaying text clearly/blurred, and it has two hair thin lines in the middle of the monitor? Also its Refresh rates are insane.. Was looking at the Iiyama 454 too but I hear it has problems displaying text at high refresh rates, And it looks kind of stupid :P Ive heard that the 19" NEC FE991 Also has two lines in the middle? =/

Another problem with the NEC 2070 is that its from a online site, so If I had to return it for defects or I really didnt like it (Ive never seen one in real life in action) Id have to pay for shipping + 15% restocking if I was just plain returning it.. So id really like to find something locally unless for sure the 2070 rocks.

Please if you have any suggestions tell me if its 19" or above and a really good gaming monitor, Im planning on getting a 6800U as soon as they are widely spread and clear of price gouging and will most likely play at 1280x1024.. and maybe TRY 1600 :P But my friend tells me that playing on a 22" at 1280x1024 is like 800x600 on a 17"? Thanks.. Been dealing with a 17" Dell for the past several+ years and its brightness/color is starting to fade. and its refresh rate is killing me at 1280x1024(75hz) Vile tearing.

06-15-04, 04:30 AM
I have been using a Mitsubishi 2070SB for about a year and I love it. The colors are sharp and I see no drop off in graphic quality even at 2048x1536@85Hz. I generally keep my desktop at 1280x960@120Hz and tend to play most games now at 1600x1200@100Hz.

Here are some threads with screenshots I took at 2048x1536 on my X800XT:

Far Cry shots on 2070SB (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=29858)

UT2K4 shots on 2070SB (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=29893)

06-15-04, 04:37 AM
what about the text?

06-15-04, 04:46 AM
It's an aperture grill monitor and some people are bothered that the text is not as crisp as a shadowmask monitor but I don't have a problem with it and this monitor has 2 levels of superbright mode that will more than compensate for it. If you are looking for a monitor for gaming then you can't do much better than this one.