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06-12-04, 04:39 PM
Right-o boys and (the few) girls, It is time for me to update My prrrecious (cliché, I know).

On to the point. I want to upgrade my current system into something more scalable... or something like that.
As I've mentioned a couple of hundred times before, I'm visiting the Sates (San Jose, California, and NY) over the summer and thus it makes this the perfect time to go shopping.

Here's what I plan on buying/changing (compare with specs in sig):

- Barton 2500+ (want to OC)
- Heatsink and fan
- PSU (MUST be quiet... and extra wattage is not bad)
- 80 gig or more HDD (SATA would be nice)
- Lite-on CD-RW + DVD-rom combo (or a DVD burner, if it's not to expensive)
- external enclosure
- new vid card (already working the sales forum for a Rad9800 256mb)
- LCD 17" monitor which is fit for gaming

The monitor is my priority. I've had it with my ****ty 14". Right now I don't really need the upgrade, but I think this will be the last big upgrade I do for as long as it lasts and I wanna be ready for new stuff that comes out. Maybe un a year or so I'll swap to the new technologies. For now I'll rest in peace.
Additionally, I plan on giving my 1600+ and an old Sis board to mein parents.

As always, cash is not my friend, although I managed to get my hands on around $500 USD.

Here's where you people canhelp me out!
I need all the advice I can get on which parts to buy... specially regarding the monitor.

I also need to know where to buy. I know newegg is great but I don't really want to pay taxes (and afaik, newegg taxes in NY and California). As for the monitor, a used one is kinda my best option due to price, hence ebay, but I don't really know if it's trustworthy.

... and thanks in advance.

ps: sorry if I make no sense whatsoever and I seem to be asking you people to do all the work for me (I have done some research). My mind has been pretty much shattered recently... can't think right...

06-12-04, 07:35 PM
Well that gameing LCD will eat big chunk out of your pocket esspecialy if ya want to get good LCD without ghosting, could get realy good CRT and save few bucks ,up some other part ;)
Don't think you can fit good LCD in 500$ budged to begin with :(

For cpu try getting mobile 2500+ it overcloaks like crazy !!

For PSU id recomend quality Enermax

www.newegg.com got lotsa stuff and not to pricey

06-12-04, 07:43 PM
Well there's a NEC 17" model on newegg that is apparently good for gaming.

06-12-04, 08:27 PM
About the LCD... that´s why I mentioned ebay... I would never be able to afford a new one AND all the other stuff. My problem with ebay is trust... I don't know if it is reliable to buy an LCD there... although I've seen some good prices.

Between a mobile 2500+ and a normal one... is there too much a difference other than temps and lower voltage?

Someone is hazzling me for the computer... post later with more Q's

06-13-04, 09:36 AM
rather than Ebay, try http://www.nm-select.com
they have refurbished NEC-Mitsubishi LCD's and you get a 1yr warranty on them. They have excellent customer support, fast shipping, and they also have an NEC 17" LCD with 16ms response time for only $279us ;)

As for your other choices, I'd definetly recommend a mobile AXP2500 instead for overclocking... or better still if you can afford it an A64 2800 or higher and a cheap SIS755 or Nforce3 250 motherboard

06-13-04, 09:42 AM
PSU: I have an Antec True Power 480W...very quiet. I also know Enermax are quiet too.

DVD-Burners..I bought a LG 4082B for $100 US a few weeks back. :D That might be in your price range. It's not the f astest but, it does it job. It held ups by the fact that fast DVD media ie 8X isn't available widely and cheaply.

LCD Mon. Phillips 170B4 (Grade A panel 25ms Rise and fall time) These LCDS are getting expensive as there is a shortage of LCD panels.

I am in Hong Kong so I cannot give u an url ;) I buy retail ..no choice :(

Rampant CL
06-17-04, 07:11 AM
Id go for a western digital non sata non raptor disk, you can get a 200 gig pretty cheap, although i think they have some smaller sata disks for the same price as a larger non sata.

06-18-04, 07:18 PM
I want to get the best bang for my buck...

So far I'm really looking into the NEC LCD 16ms monitor seeing as it's my priority item (current monitor sucks horribly and text is not that clear).

I have some prices to post but I'm too tired right now... post them tomorrow.

On a side note, I also plan on getting a creative Muvo mp3+memory stick 256mb thingy.

Damn, I plan on getting a lot of stuff... yet I don't think I can afford all of it... :(