View Full Version : Anyone benchmarked KOTOR on 6800U ?

06-12-04, 06:37 PM
I'd like to see some KOTOR benchmarks on a 6800U since i dont recall a review site that did it (maybe only 1 or 2).
Also taking in consider that KOTOR has a unique engine which is written in OpenGL API with shaders & that KOTOR2 will be appearntly based on the same engine (correct me if i'm mistaken in my info) , so it will interesting to see some benchmarks for it using the NV40 chipset .

06-12-04, 09:52 PM
I've seen a site that tried to bench it and it wouldnt work with the drivers. I forget which driver version it was. If I can find the site I'll post it.

06-12-04, 10:04 PM
I included it in my last review (http://www.nvnews.net/reviews/gainward_fx_5950_golden_sample/page_7.shtml) (1/2 way down that page) but only for IQ comparisons. It would have to be benched with just a reproduced FRAPS walkthrough approach. I considered it but didn't due to time constraints at the time.

06-12-04, 10:05 PM
Found it:


At least it seems you can run it now though.

06-13-04, 02:36 AM
i get 40fps in 1600x1200 2xAA 2xAF

and 15 fps in 1600x1200 8xAA 16xAF (2.3 p4 though)


2004-06-13 17:49:59 - swkotor 1600x1200 8xaa 16xaf
Frames: 819 - Time: 60922ms - Avg: 13.443 - Min: 2 - Max: 19

2004-06-13 17:51:26 - swkotor 1600x1200 4xAA 8x AF
Frames: 4546 - Time: 160906ms - Avg: 28.252 - Min: 3 - Max: 56

dont look at min results, cause i still had fraps recording during level transistions

06-13-04, 02:59 AM
Well, 8xS causes a HUGE performance hit, it basically takes the performance hit of 4xAA, and then cuts it down to 1/4th the framerate (since it's pretty much 4xMSAA with 4xSSAA, and SSAA causes a straight cut into the framerate). So really, I think that regular 4xAA at 1600x1200 would still be CPU limited, since 4x15 is 60. Man, 1600x1200 with 4xAA at 60FPS...remember when that was just a dream, and now it's true in practically every game?

Edit: oh, you made an edit while I was typing my message :p . Hmm, 30 FPS at 1600x1200+4xAA still not bad I guess. Any chance you can do a quick test to see what framerate you get with just lvl2 Aniso?

06-13-04, 08:19 AM
Sgt_Pitt your 1600x1200,2xAA,2xAF results are great !
i think 16x12,2xAA,4xAF will be more than enough for me .

btw .. is those 2xAF & 8xAF results are in Full Trilinear ??

06-13-04, 08:52 AM
actually i havent touched the trilinear optimizations, they have always been on in all the tests, but to tell you the truth im not really a fan of AA or AF in 1600x1200 i really dont think filters are needed anyway.

Anyway i will try the test properly now ive got some time, both with tri opts on and off.

06-13-04, 08:57 AM
I dont care too about the trilinear opt since i will not notice them what playing an actuall games . even looking at screenshots i find it hard to tell ... i was just making sure that everything is @ max quality or not .. though it wont make much differenece because i'm not aware of any OpenGL AF opt in nVIDIA drivers as Mike's 6800 review stated .

06-13-04, 10:01 AM
2004-06-14 00:39:52 - swkotor 1600x1200 no AA no AF trilinear optimizations on anisotropic optimizations on
Frames: 1754 - Time: 38047ms - Avg: 46.100 - Min: 38 - Max: 56

2004-06-14 00:48:09 - swkotor 1600x1200 2xAA 4xAF trilinear optimizations on anisotropic optimizations on
Frames: 1677 - Time: 46578ms - Avg: 36.004 - Min: 31 - Max: 42

2004-06-14 00:46:04 - swkotor 1600x1200 4xAA 8xAF trilinear optimizations on anisotropic optimizations on
Frames: 1188 - Time: 36609ms - Avg: 32.451 - Min: 25 - Max: 39

2004-06-14 00:53:21 - swkotor 1600x1200 no AA no AF trilinear optimizations off anisotropic optimizations off
Frames: 1709 - Time: 44266ms - Avg: 38.607 - Min: 33 - Max: 47

2004-06-14 00:54:21 - swkotor 1600x1200 2xAA 4xAF trilinear optimizations off anisotropic optimizations off
Frames: 1141 - Time: 27046ms - Avg: 42.187 - Min: 38 - Max: 46

2004-06-14 00:56:00 - swkotor 1600x1200 4xAA 8xAF trilinear optimizations off anisotropic optimizations off
Frames: 1148 - Time: 33734ms - Avg: 34.030 - Min: 30 - Max: 41

2004-06-14 00:55:05 - swkotor 1600x1200 8xAA 16xAF trilinear optimizations off anisotropic optimizations off
Frames: 476 - Time: 39578ms - Avg: 12.026 - Min: 11 - Max: 14

As you all know by now im CPU limited, but im still happy with anything above 30 fps :)

06-13-04, 10:22 AM
KOTOR is another crap i would not buy...

06-13-04, 12:32 PM
bioware pwnz joo

06-13-04, 12:38 PM
KOTOR is another crap i would not buy...

Eh, the game had a better story than the movies. Crap game my ass.

06-13-04, 03:38 PM
Sig_Pitt : thanks for benchies & good work :)

luka : please stay on topic .. or dont post at all & save us from reading your worthless opinions .

06-13-04, 04:05 PM
KOTOR would have made a better movie then the last 2 Star Wars movies. The story was just UNBELIEVABLE and kept you going through the game like no other game to date.

I just wished they'd make a Star Wars movie for normal people and not assume every one is half invalid that's going to watch the movie and dum it down or over simplify it. "The Force" used to be something of the mind but in Star Wars 1 and 2 they were taking blood samples to measure it.. talk about RUINING something and dum it down!!!

KOTOR was an easy game to play with a story like no other, story that captured the essences of Star Wars, a story that I can never forget. I'm waiting for the movie now!!


06-13-04, 05:42 PM

templar- it makes PERFECT sense why they took blood to measure the potential of a new student. why? because the # of "insert bio term i forgot" affect how powerful one's force has the chance of becomming. they didn't DUMB IT DOWN. they used science to explain sopme of the force. which if you understand how the "insert bio term i forgot here" work then it all sorta makes sense. does it destroy some of the mystery? yes. it does not dumb it down it gives a logical explanation for it. why some people have the force or don't, why some people's force is stronger then others...

sorry for the OT but it was blantantly wrong.

06-14-04, 10:03 AM
ROFL Maxima. Not going to argue against you but I think you're totally wrong. making the Force all of a sudden a physical thing is dumming it down.