View Full Version : Processer Modding xp -> mp (Is it possible?)

06-16-04, 05:04 PM
I am interested, can you mod an xp 2100+ to an mp? Also can you run a 2000+ next to a 2100+? I am possibly going to get a second proc, and would like to know if these two things can be done. I have a dual proc mobo already(see sig). If i can do the stuff i am asking about, then it's as simple as a new proc & HSF.Thank you, :)

06-16-04, 07:19 PM
That would be a negative on both counts. Besides, having two processors is only useful for applications that can take advantage of them. And those would be limited to stuff like Photoshop and video editing.

06-16-04, 07:29 PM
Aw, phhpt, and teh proc woulda been free. Doh! Thanks anyway. :)

Ps. the deal is a go! Thank you! :D