View Full Version : Hole spacing in PCB for 6800 series? (Heatsink/fan assembly)

06-18-04, 07:05 PM
Can anyone (Ex FX5800, 5900 and 5950 users) with a 6800 Ultra card confirm if the hole spacing for the Heatsink/Fan assembly is the same?. I'm into watercooling and currently use a Swiftech MCW50. I know that an adapter plate was made for the FX cards mentioned above. Just checking to see if I could use that on the 6800's.


06-22-04, 01:21 AM
Nevermind, I just got a reply from Gabe at Swiftech.

We have a specific kit for the 6800. it is yet another form factor :-(

all we need is publish the kit online, it is ready now. Hang tight for a few days :-)

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