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06-19-04, 12:29 AM
I have an evga 5900se, and my computer has been restarting. I found out why, and it is because I have to many things on one power connector. So I'm reconfiguring my video card connector. Well I can''t get the existing power connector off of the card. I have pulled and tugged so hard and no success. I have never had this much trouble trying to get it off. Any suggestions? I appreciate it.

06-19-04, 12:38 AM
It's just in a bind for some reason. First, it's very important that you firmly grasp the card's mounted connected so that it does not move. You can actually pop it off the card if you are not careful. Once you have a good hold on it where it will not move take the psu connector and rock it side to side while constantly pulling to see if you can free where the connector is binding. It should come right off. Remember do not pull or twist on it without firmly supporting the on-card connector. Good luck.

06-19-04, 02:04 AM
Use pliers. Be extremely carefull not to pull on the card-mounted connector, as Rytr said.

If you have them, use 2 pair. Hold the connector (built onto the card) with one and the plug with the other, then just pull the one holding the plug. And dont just use your full strength to do it, rock it back and forth nice and easy. If you use too much force theres a good change you'll break something, even your hand if it comes loose while your pulling :p

06-19-04, 02:08 AM
i got it, thanks for the help guys