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06-20-04, 09:30 PM
The CD-ROM drive of my father's computer (Creative 52x) at his office just died, so he bought a new one (Sony 52x CDU5221). The computer is a Pentium MMX 200 48 Mb with a TxPro motheboard and Win98.
I went to install the new drive, but I couldn't make it work!! :eek2: The CD-ROM doesn't even appear in the drive list in My Computer or Device Manager. I even tried in DOS mode with the corresponding driver, and only worked partially. It read one CD, but with another CD, it simply couldn't enter the folders! (no long-names) Afterwards, running Win98 with the DOS ATAPI driver installed, the drive letter appeared, but there was no way it would read anything from a CD.
So I brought the CD-ROM home, to test it with my second computer, a P233MMX 64 Mb with the same motherboard and OS (the drive was in a separate IDE channel, alone). I did all the same tests (Windows and DOS-based), and got the same results. :(

Finally, I tested it in my actual computer (P3 800 EB with Asus CUSL2 motherboard and Win2K), and it worked flawlessly!! I thought it could be the OS, so I booted with my second drive (same W98 First Edition as installed on the other computers)... and it worked!!!! :o
So I'm coming to the conclusion it's something hardware related...
I noticed the drive is being detected as UDMA2 in my computer, and as PIO4 in the others, so I disabled DMA in BIOS to make it work in PIO4 as well (in case the drive has any problem with that mode), but no, it worked perfectly. I even tried PIO0, but the CD-ROM was there, working happily!

Do you have any clues on this??? Thanks in advance.

06-20-04, 10:52 PM
Yep, sounds like a hardware incompatibility. Must be that motherboard beings how it's in the same machines. Why don't you just try picking up a 12x or 24x for like $5 - $10. Won't cost you much, it should outlast a lot of the other components, and you learned something. It's a win, win, win :)

BTW, I still don't quite agree with that "old man" smilie. you know, this one :o

06-21-04, 08:01 AM
Well, I don't know exactly what to learn, since the Creative 52x worked perfectly! :eek: :confused:
I don't think I could/should pick a 12-24x drive, since almost all of them are generic brands (like Cyberdrive or Lite-On -bad drives in that moment-), probably are quite not-working anymore, and I don't see anyone selling those (I bet all of them are in the trash already). I'd rather test my lovely LG 52x ;) in my other computer and ask my father to go and change the Sony for the LG if it worked here.

PS: :eek: Why does :o ( : o ) show like that?? It should be like :eek:... :confused:

06-23-04, 12:15 PM
well, whatever action you take good luck with that old system ;)

PS: i have no frickin clue lol