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06-21-04, 03:03 AM
this is my first post here :) anyways... im thinking about getting this video card (http://galaxy3000.com/itemDesc.asp?CartId={7D78E154-FFEB-45E2-95C1-5D640DE29C6A}&Ic=VG-LT/A400-TDH1) and my question is... will my sig bottleneck it? and if it does what do you think i should upgrade first before buying the 6800nu?
i gotta have a 6800. :drooling:

06-21-04, 05:47 AM
I'd hold on a bit. I'm having BIG probs with the Leadtek 6800 non ultra.

I thought it was just a duff card but there's some rampant activity over here, (in german):


Some of the screenshots are very similar to the prob's I'm having.

It's odd because some things work 100% fine. 3DMark03 is OK but 3DMark01 is borked. It's not just texture corruption but system lockups as well!

Not good.

06-21-04, 09:12 AM
If you gonna get a 6800 get the GT instead of the 6800 nu. you'll get 16 pipes instead of 12 and a much faster card. This will definetly help you down the road especially if you upgrade your processor and motherboard as your running on pc2700 mem and not pc3200. The GT will last alot longer for game use then the 6800NU cuz NU only has the 12 pipes

06-21-04, 10:08 AM
Why is that non-ultra card only 256MB? When I saw the NVIDIA release thing back in April, all cards were 256MB. 128 kinda sucks.

06-21-04, 10:36 AM
Why is that non-ultra card only 256MB? When I saw the NVIDIA release thing back in April, all cards were 256MB. 128 kinda sucks.

You meant I think why is the non ultra only 128MB. :) Anyhow, Nvidia MAY release a 256MB non ultra, however, the 128MB is targeted at the low end price point. Making the 6800 NU a 256MB card would raise the price somewhat, probably to about 349 or so which would be too close to the GT at 399 and therefore not many 6800 NU's would sell as a consumer would jsut buy the better card(GT) for 50 more

06-21-04, 11:40 AM
I am reluctant to get a 12 pipeline card myself at this point, but I think the real reason this card has 128MB of RAM is because they are trying to hold the price below the magic $300 mark. With price gouging this does not appear to be the case right this second but it will be soon. I bet there will be 256MB cards but the 128 serves two purposes - price differentiation and spec differentiation. To Joe Schmoe on the street when he looks at two video cards, one says 128MB and the other says 256 MB. He knows what that means. He doesnt quite know what 12 pipeline vs 16 pipelines means (thats if they even put that on the box where you can see it) and they NEVER advertise GPU clock speeds so you wont see that either.
I bet by the winter / early spring refresh the high end cards will have 512MB and then they can make the avid gamer ~$200 card have 256MB.

Carbon Unit
06-21-04, 12:43 PM
I think the 6800NU has a good price point, its faster than the 9800XT and cost alot less

06-21-04, 02:30 PM
I keep thinking im gonna go with the 6800nu but then i think for the extra $100 for the GT i get

16pipes vs 12pipes
DDR3 vs DDR1
100mhz higher core
400-500mhz higher on memory

that should pretty much sum it up for anyone debating between the two cards whether or not $100 extra is worth it

06-21-04, 02:34 PM

06-21-04, 02:40 PM
thanks for the replies :)
yeah i was thinking about getting the gt but i was planning on upgrading to pci-express next year(whenever i get my tax return). plus i only play my games at 1024 reso.
as for the 6800 being buggy... probably gonna wait for bios or driver fix. (but not for long)
thanks again guys

06-21-04, 02:42 PM
yes i was thinking the same thing also since i only game at 1024 or 1280 due to monitor refresh rate suckiness. But I just have a feeling that with the non-ultra games will not be able to be maxed out and get good fps with the nu. I figured hey i might as well get the GT since this card is gonna be my card for the next 2yrs hopefully.

06-21-04, 03:21 PM
yeah i guess but if i get the the gt im gonna have to upgrade my mobo, processor, and memory. right? i was thinking about buying 1gig of pc3200 and overclock my 2.4b around 3ghz and strap on the nu.

06-21-04, 03:25 PM
no you wont have to upgrade anything, the card will work better than the NU but will be CPU limited somewhere along the line. Then when you actually get a new CPU or OC your current one it will be like getting a new video card along with it since your FPS will rise with the higher cpu speed!