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06-23-04, 02:24 PM
What should I get? A good CRT or a LCD running through DVI? I play a lot of first person games and there is no way I want to see any ghosting. I don't know anything about lcd, if I change from their standard resolution don't you get bad clariety? Thanks for the help.

06-23-04, 02:35 PM
For that much money, you should be able to procure a very, very good CRT. I've heard great things about Iiyama monitors. Take a look at this one (http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=24-172-005&depa=0) from Newegg. It's well below your budget, but it has support for 100 Hz at 1600x1200 and 88 Hz at 2048x1536. :drooling:

06-23-04, 02:36 PM
I know LCDs are the wave of the future but if you have the desktop space and don't mind the weight then I recommend the Mitsubishi 2070SB that I have. It's a 22" inch monitor with 20" viewable screen and can do up to 2048x1536@85Hz. The monitor also has 2 superbright modes that come in handy in some games. It's an aperture grille monitor so I do not know if the 2 lines bother you but I hardly notice them and you won't notice them when playing a game.

This monitor has come highly recommended by many sites and Sharkeyextreme has chosen it as its gaming monitor of choice in their extreme gaming PC buyer's guide for some time now.

With my new X800XT PE I can actually play some games at 2048x1536 like UT2K4 with good framerates. It can do 100Hz at 1600x1200 and 120Hz at 1280x960.

It sells for just under $700 from what I have seen but maybe you can get a deal like I did when I got it for 20% off from Dell about a year or so ago. I also want to mention some monitors claim to be flat but are not as flat as this one is - I looked a bunch of them over at Fry's before I ordered mine from Dell.

06-23-04, 03:27 PM
I just installed a Viewsonic G220fb 22" (20" viewable) PerfectFlat CRT for $458 about 30 minutes ago. I replaced my Viewsonic G810-5 21" which would max out at 1600x1200x32 at 77 hz. The 220fb maxes out at 2048x1536@68 hz and more importantly 1600x1200 at a flicker-free 87 hz! My kids are getting my G810-5.

Now all I have left to do after this and the 6800GT I got on Monday is trade in my 2.8 C P4 for a new 3.2 C P4 tomorrow for $150 + tax and I am good to go for another year.....

06-23-04, 03:32 PM
I paid $180 shipped for a refurbished Dell P991 19" Trinitron CRT. Does 1600x1200 at 85 Hz. I couldn't be happier with it. :D

06-23-04, 03:48 PM
I paid $180 shipped for a refurbished Dell P991 19" Trinitron CRT. Does 1600x1200 at 85 Hz. I couldn't be happier with it. :D

Sounds like a heckuva deal. I don't care the Trinitron monitors because of the 2 lines from the Aperture Grill and the fact that I have enjoyed the Shadow Mask technology for the past 5 years with the G-810. Shadow mask is supposed to be less brilliant to some degree with colors such as in games (could not tell the difference myself) but much easier to read text (I could definitely agree from what my eyes saw). Either way, I am happy about my purchase as you are about yours so who is buying the :beer: ?

06-23-04, 03:54 PM
You 'cause I don't have a job yet. :D

06-23-04, 04:03 PM
You 'cause I don't have a job yet. :D

Sorry to hear that...nothing like a good ol expense account...I'll buy dinner too if you can make it to Houston....

06-23-04, 04:16 PM
I'll buy dinner too if you can make it to Houston....

Hehe, I should apply for a job down there so the employer will have to pay for me to fly down there. I should also apply for a job with Bang Zoon Entertainment, where I can begin a career as an anime voice actor. :D

06-23-04, 05:05 PM

I hate you guys :(

/me covertly creates a "buy sazar an AIW x800PE" fund

on topic... if you have the space and don't mind the extra heat/etc a CRT is still the device of choice for gamers... if you are not into multi-tasking you can fish out for a decent 20+ incher and enjoy the extra goodness of it...

high res/tiny dot-pitch is the way to go and there are only a few monitors out there that are to be recommended.. I think the couple listed on this thread are pretty damn good :)

keep sony high-end monitors in mind as well... in my uni's labs we use 21 inchers and they are brilliant :)

06-23-04, 05:15 PM
I'm getting the hint that I should not even consider LCD......

06-23-04, 05:40 PM
lcd is good... looks good/small footprint/lower power consumption/less heat and so on/so forth

but the crt still rules the roost as the better option for gaming on... IQ and refresh rates are king... dot pitch and resolution decide it :)

06-23-04, 10:49 PM
me personally, because i do photoshop A LOT!, i would get two crt's. more desktop space the better. but if i was not into photoshop id probally get a nice lcd.

06-28-04, 09:49 AM
save up another $60 and get yourself a Dell 2001FP. By far the best LCD I have ever seen!!

06-29-04, 01:04 PM
save up another $60 and get yourself a Dell 2001FP. By far the best LCD I have ever seen!!
I was going to say something about it, but this is all I could come up with.

:afraid: :drooling:

07-01-04, 09:16 AM

I would get an LCD. On a nice LCD with DVI - the picture is just super sharp. I have used some very nice CRT monitors - but you can't beat a good LCD for sharpness. Overtime (especially in my apartment I find) CRTs tend to suffer from distortion and geometry problems. LCD's will never have this - they just say crystal sharp.

Also - LCD is much easier to read text on or look at for an extended period of time. Its not just that the text is sharper is that somehow its more like reading a real book then a CRT monitor. There is some technical reason for this..

Photoshop guys don't like LCD's cause the color isn't 100% accurate - but I swear I think gaming is BETTER on a good LCD then a good CRT (assuming your refresh rate is 16ms and below).

After years of sticking with big nice CRT's I spent just a little bit of money to buy a smallish 1760nx (NEC) montior. With DVI its really clear, sharp and fast.
I will never go back to CRT. Will likely get a bigger LCD monitor next time but this one is really good even though its small and cheap.


07-03-04, 12:52 AM
i would get this lcd.


i aquired it and i LOVE it. i am all about lcd's especially with DVI. it doenst get any better than that.