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06-23-04, 02:28 PM
Currently using Directx9.0c (2149) with ForceWare 61.45 (FX5950 ultra) and sometimes when I'm quiting a game, and go back to XP I get weird "red stripes" on screen and my screen goes blank.

Is there a possibility this has to do with the dx9.0c beta-drivers? also my temp of gfx card is kinda high.. it boosts up to 97 degrees (celsius)

someone have any idea?

06-23-04, 02:31 PM
temp of gfx card is kinda high.. it boosts up to 97 degrees (celsius)

I would be very concerned about that. Weird behavior like the red stripes could very well mean the video card is overheating. Use Coolbits to downclock the card, play a game and see if it happens again. If it's OK, then it's time for an RMA and replacement.

06-23-04, 02:38 PM
No its not Dx 9.0c, its 61.45 beta that made my gpu temps rise too. Got a L2 -> L1 transition error last night on my 5900, so away they go. This error is an overheating issue, where the core throttles from 3D to LowPower3D to help prevent damage to the card. However it causes performance to drop significantly.

61.45 had not fixed any of the issues I was having with 61.34 anyway.

06-23-04, 02:57 PM

this is what i am talking about, still have these red lines when using 61.40's :screwy:

06-23-04, 03:10 PM
actually looks like it could be defective memory on the card. is it like this all the time or just after exiting a game?

06-23-04, 03:11 PM
no not all the time, but I really think its bad :(

06-23-04, 03:23 PM
had this once with a tnt2 model 64 card it was just pasive cooled and it was overheating problem :(

06-23-04, 05:25 PM
I had the same problem when i flashed my 5900nu to 5950U, all i had to do was change the bios to a different 5950 manufacturers. If the card is oc'ed maybe you should try lowering the clocks just a little.

06-24-04, 02:02 PM
The red lines are caused by bad RAMs. Even if the RAMs are not overclocked, Defects such as these can be discovered with a new driver/game when the software addresses bad cells in the RAMs that were not previously used or stressed.

If you have a warranty, I suggest you use it.

06-24-04, 02:03 PM
try 61.11 drivers, 61.3x and 61.4x have caused problems like you describe for some. There are new 61.71 drivers out as well that haven't been tested extensively.

06-24-04, 02:58 PM
I had the same pink stripes on my first 4600 and 5900u. In both cases it was defective ram and both cards were RMA'd.

06-28-04, 12:44 PM
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