View Full Version : ti 4200 - far cry - broken water shader?

06-24-04, 12:23 PM
The problem is with water and steam in farcry, 56.72, 60.72, and 61.34 all display the water and steam bumpmaps as opaque textures, so leaky pipes spew white 'n black textures instead of that nice steamy haze/refraction effect. 53.03 rendered fine last i used it tho. Needless to say, i'm using the ps1.1 path in far cry.

I've had a good search around this forum and the far cry technical forum too, but i've only found one other post about the problem and nobody offered up any help to the guy. Is this a recent driver bug? i don't really want to give up the 61.34+dx9c2149 combo i'm running now, all my other favourite games run 5-10% better for it, and an awful lot smoother. Oh it's not been introduced by 9c, i had the same issue with 9b and hoped the newer directx would maybe fix it for the forceware drivers.

I can post a screen grab if it's needed, but i'm on 56k until the 29th and my modem's already feeling the strain.

06-24-04, 07:44 PM
For my Ti4800, the second I use a beta driver the water reflection is uber-corrupted.

06-25-04, 09:08 AM
i put the 61.71's in my wifes Ti 4200 rig and WOW. does FarCry and Cod ever look godd and fly now. try um. no weird texture issuses atall !