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06-25-04, 12:51 PM
ok heres the deal i had a 1.8ghz cpu overcloked to 2.3 i was getting a score of 12,000 in 3dmark03. ive just recently upgraded to a 2.8 prescott o/c to 3.1 and im still getting the same score of 12,000

Whats the go ? i thought the first GT 1 test was dependant on the cpu...

Damned if i know and pissed i bought a new cpu with no added effect on 3dmark

06-25-04, 12:53 PM
hmm.. your mobo supports 800fsb? Also which graphics card do you have?

06-25-04, 12:54 PM
oops sorry i double posted 2 topics, anyway i have a msi 6800u

06-25-04, 12:55 PM
Also, anyways, I wouldn't be too worried about it... Your score is right about in line for a 3.1 Ghz processor anyways. Most reviewers managed 11.5k with 3.4s or 3400+s.

06-25-04, 01:05 PM
hmmm but the thing is ive added and extra 1 ghz to my cpu power and its had no impact whatsoever.

06-25-04, 01:11 PM
Well thing is the 6800's are still bottlenecked by these fast cpu's so thats really the problem.

06-25-04, 01:59 PM
For 3Dm03 cpu will be largley irrelevant, its at least 98% graphics card orientated.

06-25-04, 02:10 PM
I just upgraded from a 2.8C P4 to a 3.2C P4 (for $150 and my 2.8C) and my score went from 11,300 to 12,351 with a 6800GT....

06-25-04, 02:23 PM
For 3Dm03 cpu will be largley irrelevant, its at least 98% graphics card orientated.

Exactly, 3dmark2k3 is more video card oriented. If you benched with 3dmark2k1 instead, you would have seen a HUGE boost because it is heavily influenced by CPU.

And you say EXACTLY 12000 for both cpus? I find that hard to beleive... even if it only went up 50 points it should have still gone up.

06-25-04, 02:34 PM
Actually, with these new video cards 3dmark03 is becoming more of a cpu benchmark, much like 3Dmark2001. You should get a higher score, something is definetely not right. Hell my friend got 300 more points with a 9700 Pro by just overclocking his cpu from 2.5 to 2.7

06-25-04, 02:38 PM
yes jakup... I got a nice boost by moving from a 1900+ to a 3.0c and then to a 3400+ I got another little bump up the ladder

however 3dmark03 is still not going to show much variance unless you oc the card itself...

cpu's only affect it so much... though I reckon a boost from 1.8ghz cpu to a 3.1 ghz cpu (assuming both intel) should probably be at least a thousand odd points easily...

06-25-04, 02:38 PM
You should check the difference in the CPU score. You may very well be at the bottleneck as far as cpu when concerning the video card portions of the test. However, when it runs the CPU tests, you should have seen a higher score.....something like 600 to maybe 740 or so. Check your configuration against other ppl with similiar setups and check the cpu scores to see if your inline with what they got

06-25-04, 09:43 PM
I wouldnt be too worried about it, i OCed my p4 2.4c from 2.4 to 3.6 and i got a whopping 7pt increase in 3dm03... :D

06-26-04, 08:51 AM
Damned if i know and pissed i bought a new cpu with no added effect on 3dmark

You play 3dmark a lot then? ;) :angel2: Try 3dmark2001 instead, then you should see some difference.

06-26-04, 08:54 AM
The effect should be clear in 3DMark2001 unlike 3DMARK2003 which is mostly GPU dependent .

06-26-04, 08:58 AM
I've never bothered running 3dmark03 when upgrading CPU's tbh, i mostley go for AquaMark and 3dmark01se :) i jumped from a P4 to an opteron and saw no difference in 3dmark03 either.... (apart from thr CPU scores but none in the final mark).

He should do a FULL test and then compare it to his old one and look at the CPU scores...

06-26-04, 09:31 AM
Look im sorry i made a mistake, i jumped the gun and didnt notice that my score had actually increased from 12,000 to 13,000 i mustve been seeing things. Sorry all and thx for the responses. :retard:

06-26-04, 09:39 AM
I've got a 3.0c and manage only around 11,600 so I wouldn't worry if I were you..