View Full Version : bfg 6800gt in stock now

06-25-04, 05:42 PM
found this at this site-

order one, should get in beginning of next week

06-25-04, 05:44 PM
you might want to check this out also :) $361

06-25-04, 05:50 PM
its too late, i already paid for it. earlier in the week i did find a chainteck 6800gt at zipzoomfly, but they wanted $499, and chaintech website did not work well in my opinion. spent all week trying to find something, really wanted a x800 xt, but they are no where to be found. and the 6800gt is very fast, somewhere between a x800 and x800xt. this has been very stressful, and the big bucks it takes today for a high-end card, working some overtime to pay for it,glad its over with :clap: :kill: