View Full Version : What's a large scale streaming processor?

06-26-04, 04:06 AM

Kirk wrapped up by stating that it's the end of graphics as we know. Many new things will soon be possible with large scale streaming processors, which will create a whole new revolution in graphics. And we'll see much more exciting graphics scenes based on realistic simulations of physical entities and processes.

It sounds interesting. I hope the NV50/R500 generation are large scale streaming processors. I want an explanation on what a large scale streaming processor is?

BTW, I know it's an old article.

06-26-04, 08:05 AM
AFAIK, there's no technical definition for such a term, my understanding is that it means a processor having many identical processing elements which can do general work simutaneously and indepedently. NV50 and R500 are meant to use unified shader architecture, which means there's no visible distinction between vertex and pixel shader from the programmer's POV. If that turn out to be true, we may be able to call the "shader pool" to be a large scale streaming processor.

06-26-04, 02:48 PM
It seems like shader model 3.0 is a huge step forward to shader model 4.0. I know it's not there yet but I think shader model 3.0 is much closer to shader model 4.0 than shader moder 2.0. Perhaps this will give nVIDIA an advantage. nVIDIA and ATI must solve performance problems that'll come from Direct X Next to make their new GPUs. I've heard that unified shaders can slow down GPUs.

06-26-04, 11:36 PM
SM3.0 eliminates 2 major distinctions between Vertex Shader and Pixel Shader: the ability on flow control and texture fetch. This will be the next-step unification much easier, yeah, I think SM3.0 can be called a huge step forward.