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06-28-04, 03:51 AM
Hello everyone. I am new to this forum since i am/was an ATI fan the last years.
I am very pleased with my 9700 still but i think about upgrading and i have a pair of 3d glasses here that are collecting dust because of the lack of driver support.

Since nvidia supports those glasses and their new graphics cards are finally competitive again i think about buying a 6800 GT.

Now my question: I got a aMD Barton 2500+ clocked @ 2.4 Ghz wich is roughly a XP 3500 to 3600+ (not AMD 64 rating but the old one).
I did some research and it seems the CPU is equal to a P4 3.2 to 3.3 ghz.

Will i be badly CPU limited (i know all new cards are but how bad is it)?
Should i save some money and get the 12 piped 6800 or is the 6800 GT with the full 16 pipes the better choice?
Will nvidia support stereo goggles (6800's aren't supported atm). Any announcements of nvidia about this yet?

Thanks for all replys in advance.

06-28-04, 03:55 AM
You probably will be a bit CPU limited, but that's no reason to drop down to the 12 pipes. Definatly get the GT to max out your system to, well, the max! These 6 series cards are almost always ganna be limited by the CPU, but yours is overclocked enough you should get a lot better performane with the GT. Plus its futureproofing. If you ever do upgrade your CPU, you will be glad you have the GT (and a little sad you don't have the EE)


06-28-04, 03:58 AM
dude, the new GPUs are all cpu limited. If i was going to upgrade (and I have a barton 2800+@2.2ghz) I would get the 4 quad (16 pipeline) GPU. In short a GT or Ultra. Worry about the CPU later. I wouldn't worry to much about the GPU being limited by the CPU really. Look at the bences, 60+ fps with 4X aa and 8X af is all u need really at 1024 by 768 heck some even at 1280 by 1024. More than 60+ fps is really overkilll. heck some even are happyw ith 30 fps. I need a lil more like 45+ or so ;)

06-28-04, 04:01 AM
Thanks for confirming what i was thinking. I wont upgrade right now since my radeon is still going strong but i somehow fear it wont last forever. A 9700 nonpro at 400 mhz i dunno for how long it will last. :D
I guess i'll get me a GT in fall. Hopefully prices drop a bit until then. :bash: