View Full Version : Need a 6800 users with Max Payne 2 to help me verify something

06-28-04, 04:01 AM
I wasnt haven any issues with Max Payne 2,

61.71 drivers

Part 1 Darkness Inside
Chapter 2: Criminal Mastermind.

But I dont think its specifically related to chapter.

First start the game.
Select a Saved game that you have made.
Once in game
Hit escape Key (To bring back Main Menu)

See what happens. Usually, My game becomes a garbelled mess, Everything starts distorting and tearing. The "Workaround" I have discovered so far is to Ctrl + Alt+ Del+ To exit full screen mode.

(But I dont kill the game) Then I release the Ctrl + Alt + Del Mode and return to game. This removes the garbelled mess.

If anyone else could see if they are having this issue I would be greatly appreciate.

Even NV3x users (But really want an NV40 users to help me verify if this a bug)


P.S. This doesnt "always" happen. So try a few times. Remember to exit game completely and restart on your other attempts.

06-28-04, 06:13 AM
I just installed the 61.34 drivers for my 5900XT, and I get that problem, hitting alt+tab got rid of it.

What happened was, after hitting esc after i died, screen was garbled, then the main menu came up.......well the top 3rd of it anyways, and was flickering, I hit alt+tab and it fixed it :)