View Full Version : Humming Scroll in IE and Explorer

06-28-04, 10:49 PM
I think I remember reading about other people having this problem here, but all of my attempts to find a solution failed...

Anyways - I just built a Shuttle XPC system for a friend of mine that gets really loud whenever you use the scroll whell in IE or explorer - a humming buzz noise. I can't exactly figure out where the sound is coming from - maybe the power supply or maybe even an audio port, doesn't sound like the sATA HDD though.

It's just running on the integrated AC97 and Intel "Extreme" Graphics right now...

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

06-29-04, 05:58 AM
I've got something like that going on too....it just started to happen a week or two ago...
I get this random "twang" like turning on an old light switch, when I'm using IE and the scroll...? and I can't pinpoint the sound. either.
I have a Logi MX510 with the latest drivers???

06-29-04, 07:01 AM
Same problem here. Sounds like the hard drive. But now the issue is moot, I just stopped using IE.

07-01-04, 11:46 AM
OMG!...want to know how stupid I can be???? :retard:
I got a new Corvette clock for Farther's day..which I hung, kind of, up & behind the PC...well last night while searching in vien for the source of this "twang" my ear happen to be next this clock when it decided to "twang".
Well, source found.......

07-04-04, 09:03 PM
I had the same problem, but its been gone for some time now. I heard that it could be related to owning an FX series card but I'm not sure. At the time I have a Santa Cruz TB and a 5900U. I upgraded to a SB audigy2 zs platinum pro, and there have been alot of driver updates so apparently whatever it was the problem was fixed.

07-04-04, 10:37 PM
had the same problem...too fix it i had to disable the onboard sound and buy a cheapo pci sound card