View Full Version : my 6800 gt got shipped tuesday-still in stock and for $395

06-30-04, 02:15 AM
mine got shipped tuesday, tracking number, and has left new jersy headed for phoenix.

still get it, in stock, and for $395


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for shopping with us at Comp-U-Plus.com. After ten years of selling over the Internet, we can almost be called "America's Headquarters for Computer Peripherals" -- but this is true only because of our many loyal customers such as yourself.

Your order #xxxxxxxxx was shipped out by Fedex on 6/29/2004. Your tracking number is xxxxxxxxx. You can track your order online at http://www.fedex.com/cgi-bin/tracking?tracknumbers=xxxxxxxxxxxx &action=track&language=english&cntry_code=us.

You will be required to sign for your package upon delivery. Please note that you may not be able to access your tracking information immediately, since shipping companies often upload to their web sites during the evening. Please feel free to contact us if this information is not available by tomorrow.

Once again, thank you for giving Comp-U-Plus your business. We hope you'll return whenever you need computer peripherals in the future. If you have any suggestions for how we might improve our service to you, please email me at customerservice@compuplus.com.

Becky Galan
Director of Customer Service

You can print a copy of your invoice at https://wwws.compuplus.com/printInvoice.php.

06-30-04, 03:41 AM
I just opted out of the whole circle of online retailers and went straight to www.evga.com In their online store they have it in stock and it ships with Far Cry. Mine shipped earlier today(wish I woulda chose a faster shipping method than UPS ground, but I didn't really expect it to ship, lol). Shipping prices are a little steep(for me it started at $11) but it's far cheaper than what you'd spend on tax at some other places. I just thought this would be a lot more reliable than the online stores since you have guaranteed customer service(Evga's greatest commodity).

06-30-04, 03:53 AM
dame, thats a good deal with far cry. i was on there site the other day, but was not able to find the online store. i did find it now, and you are right. i,m always stabing myself in the back with computer hardware deals, quess its just me. well , at least i got 6800gt coming, they ought to be nice performing cards for all of us. ups ground sucks, i just hate to get anything ground, takes too long, you,ll probably get it in 4 or 5 days, business days.the 4th might screw you up a couple days too, hate to give ya that bad new, but it might