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07-01-04, 03:46 AM
I hate these blue screen things!
Its been happening since i installed bt broadband but i dont think thats causing the problem. I hope you guys/gals can help me.


07-01-04, 06:23 AM
Please post your system specs, including motherboard brand/model, CPU, etc.

Son Goku
07-01-04, 06:31 AM
Did a little searching. A little more info might be helpful though...such as your system and all...


You may receive the following error message on a blue screen:
STOP 0x000000D1 DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0)

1 - memory that is referenced
2 - IRQL
3 - value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation
4 - address that referenced memory
This issue can occur when the Driver Verifier feature is enabled and a driver has used an improper address. Note that the driver that is causing this issue may be listed in the error message.
To resolve this issue:

1. Disable all third-party filter drivers, such as backup programs, virus scanning programs, and disk utilities.
2. Make sure that you are using hardware that appears on the Windows Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). To view the latest Windows HCL, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

07-01-04, 08:15 AM
Here's everything thats in my rig:

CPU Intel® Pentium® 4 3.2 GHz HT
Memory 512 MB DDR RAM - PC2700
Memory 512 MB DDR RAM - PC3200 (installed after system was bought)
Motherboard TriGem IT865GE (MS 6743)
Hard Drive 160GB UDMA hard drive
CD / DVD Drive 16 x DVD-ROM Google Search
CD / DVD Drive 52x CD-RW
Video / Graphics Card nVidia® GeForce™ FX 5900 Ultra (256 MB)
Sound Card Soundblaster Live 5.1 Digital
Ports Advent D1 / TG-IT865GE ports information
BT Broadband ADSL Voyager Modem
PSU 550 Watt
Windows XP Home
Norton Antivirus & AVG Virus scan
Bios Award_Phoenix_Advent_MS6743_generic.swf

Problems started since internet was installed?

07-01-04, 08:22 AM
There was a problem with BitTorrent and other high stress P2P programs that would cause a blue screen when used with certain network cards. See if you can get an update for network drivers.

07-02-04, 07:55 AM
All my drivers are up to date. Maybe i should try assigning IRQ's in the bios myself?

07-02-04, 08:41 AM
Since you have two different memory sticks, I would take one of them out, test. If you get the BSOD, take it out, put the other one in and test. I'm thinking memory is where your problem is.

07-02-04, 08:50 AM
Yah, ditto the memory comment ... I saw the same BSOD when I had my memory clocked too high, so at least verify that your memory is set to the speed of the slowest stick (PC2700, 333 MHz DDR).

07-02-04, 10:04 AM
Ive had the extra memory stick in for about 7 months and its only coming up with the BSOD in the last few weeks??????????????????????????????????????

I will try it tho, cheers.

If it is because of the different speeds of memory how do i downclock the fastest one??

Thanks for your help!

07-02-04, 11:42 AM
I had that problem right after I installed SBC Yahoo DSL. Come to find out, it was the IP Insight crap software from Visual Networks they used that wasnt compatible with P4s or HT or something along those lines. Check to see what software your ISP is using.

07-02-04, 12:19 PM
If it is because of the different speeds of memory how do i downclock the fastest one??
Your system should do it automatically.

07-06-04, 02:35 AM
My pc finally gave more info on the blue screen problem. But i really dont know what it means :confused:

Please have a scan and let me know.



07-06-04, 02:49 AM
You might find some help in this forum (http://www.hardwareanalysis.com/content/topic/5695/). The thread is 8 pages long so your not the only one with this problem.

07-06-04, 04:39 AM
Cheers anzak