View Full Version : FarCry v1.2 Displacement Mapping effects SM3.0/Nvidia exclusive?

07-01-04, 12:44 PM

Apparently a reliable source states the X800 series will not be able to reproduce the new visual effects (v. displacement mapping) in the Far Cry 1.2 patch. A Shader Model 3.0 card like the 6800 series is required for these effects.

"Well people, it appears we will not be seeing virtual displacement, or offset, or any other new shaders the upcoming Far Cry patch will bring to the table. I've been talking to my press sources in Crytek/Ubi and a SM 3.0 compliant card is an absolute requirement to see any of the new eye candy"

This somewhat jives with the below statement from Crytek, that implies that SM3.0 adds new effects:

"In addition to the improvements mentioned in the updated changelog, the 1.2 patch will enable much-anticipated Shader Model 3.0 support for NVIDIA's new GeForce 6-series cards. Leveraging Microsoft's DirectX 9.0c, SM 3.0 support will enable gamers with supported hardware to achieve unprecedented levels of realism in their Far Cry experience."

Will be interesting to see what happens when the 1.2 patch hits soon.

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