View Full Version : Anyone know Where I can preorder a BFG GT in the UK?

07-02-04, 04:45 AM
Just sold my X800 PRO and Im now in the market for a GF 6800GT. The one that seems to stand out for being a bit different is the BFG 6800 GT as it comes overclocked already and with a lifetime warranty and seems to be getting posotive feedback. with this in mind I set out to find a supplier... the only place i can find BFG's for sale is Pcworld..yuk , but of course not the 6800 yet. I asked the sales guy for a eta and he basically said don't bother with pc world as there months behind and it'll probably be overpriced anyway (good salesman!) and to go online (I usually do). Anybody know of another supplier????

Also does anybody know of any other makes that come pre OC?


07-02-04, 06:01 AM
BFG are primarily US marketed methinks. Not sure