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07-02-04, 07:26 PM
Please post your brand , type ,stable overclock with stock cooling (mag)

Accumulative info from NvNews
..POV 6800GT @ 365 /1150
..BFG 6800U @ 460 /1250
..BFG 6800U @ 450 /1250
..BFG 6800GT @ 425 /1150
..BFG 6800GT @ 420 /1100
..BFG 6800GT @ 416 /1160
..BFG 6800GT @ 415 /1105
..BFG 6800GT @ 404 /1100
EVGA 6800GT @ 440 /1200
EVGA 6800GT @ 400 /1100
Nvidia 6800NU @ 400 /850
Nvidia 6800GT @ 440/1150
Zafary 6800 GT @ 460/1300

07-02-04, 07:30 PM
Please post your brand , type ,stable overcloak with stock cooling (mag)

Evga 6800GT 400/1000
PointOfView 6800GT 365/1150MH

Stable overcloak, whats that, some sort of :screwy: :lol2:

07-02-04, 07:31 PM
Stable overcloak, whats that, some sort of :screwy: :lol2:
Maybe you should look into dictionary what stable means :screwy:

Bill The Cat
07-02-04, 07:44 PM
I was typing that "MY 6800GT runs rock solid at 400/1100 on m-" and the screen locked up. That drips of irony :). Perhaps it's time to reevaluate the settings.

EDIT: Have an eVGA

07-02-04, 07:45 PM
i had my bfg GT at 404/1100 last night..> Played far cry and ran 3dmark with no problems (only gained about 300 points with the oc) I took it back to stock speeds and will not oC until i get my watercooling setup installed (danger den is releasing a waterblock later this month... I am calling tuesday to see if i can pre order

07-02-04, 08:06 PM
My evga 6800 gt is running at 440 core and 1.2 memory and is stable. will check out a higher setting in a day or two.

07-02-04, 08:07 PM
BFG 6800 GT stable @ 420/1.1 may be able to go higher.

07-02-04, 08:20 PM
BFG 6800GT OC rock solid @ 425 / 1150

07-02-04, 08:24 PM
Maybe you should look into dictionary what stable means :screwy:
Its overclock, not cloak, thats what he was referring to. :rolleyes:

07-02-04, 08:50 PM
Its overclock, not cloak, thats what he was referring to. :rolleyes:
Geez what a big typo :p , anyways getting nice table for compareing. :drooling:
So far one lucky GT runs at 440 core :drooling:

07-02-04, 08:52 PM
BFG 6800GT OC Rock Solid, no artifacts from hours of 3dm03 and Farcry testing. 3dm03 is 11436 and OC is 415/1105

07-02-04, 08:53 PM
BFG 6800 Ultra OC'd @450/1250 stable.

07-02-04, 08:55 PM
Overclocking makes you sterile you know.

Ok I'm just jealous a bit.


07-02-04, 08:58 PM

07-02-04, 09:03 PM
looks like almoust all GT can do 400 and over , realy awesome :D , Ultras can push even higher.

GT best bang for $$$ :ORDER:

Chris how mutch does your None ultra overclock ?

07-02-04, 09:04 PM
Anyway. 6800NU

400/850 (From 325/700)

DVS, My Card isnt from EVGA. Its a Nvidia reference sample.

07-03-04, 12:35 AM
I can run 440/1150 @ 450 I get some glitches in the troll benchmark but it will run the full test..

here is my score 440/1150

07-03-04, 01:33 AM
I noticed Evga is giveing Farcry with any 6800 wonder if thats DVD version , i got CD :D

07-03-04, 01:51 AM
Does anyone have an XFX 6800GT yet? I'm curious how they are overclocking. I'm sure its pretty much the same as the BFG's though. I just ordered it tonight since they were finally IN STOCK.

Bill The Cat
07-03-04, 02:03 AM
The eVGA version is the CD set, sadly.

07-03-04, 02:09 AM
The eVGA version is the CD set, sadly.

I have the CD version of Far Cry and while it is sort of a pain to switch through all those install CD's, you really only have to do it once. And i always use a nocd patch as soon as i get the game installed so that i can put my original copy in cold storage for safe keeping.

M.r Bob
07-03-04, 02:14 AM
Zafary 6800 GT 460/1300

07-03-04, 05:24 AM
Zafary 6800 GT 460/1300
wow...nice :D

07-03-04, 05:53 AM
my bfg 6800gt over-clocks well, but the benchmarks don,t increase much. bet that bfg had a bios lock that does not better benchmarks?\

the nvdvd does work to well, got to set the gamma setting to get a fair pic. was sort of dissappointed in the software nvdvd, watch all my dvd,s on my computer

07-03-04, 06:00 AM
i can run 3dmark at 420/1150 but its not 100% stable, 415/1100 im running for everyday use I think..

oh I have a PNY card that came with DVD Farcry and with Splinter Cell on CD..