View Full Version : ram update? (back when i was updating ram...)

07-02-04, 10:39 PM
heh, a lot has changed since i last updated my ram. i do understand the timings etc, but i have unanswered questions when upgrading my ram.

i've got currently an nForce2 DFI LanParty Ultra B rev.2 motherboard, it has 3 memory slots. of course, 2 of them are for dual channel memory. i also have an xp2500 overclocked to xp3200, exact same specs as a 3200 (400mhz fsb, 200 ram or whatever the heck it is). lastly, i've got 2 sticks of dual channel kingston ram right now... 256 each. these are running in dual channel mode at timings of 2-2-2-6 (pc3200, 200mhz)

now, my question is this.. can i just get any old stick of 512 and stick it in the third slot available for a ram stick, or does it have to be the same specs? also, i'm not positive, but wouldn't i need a stick that supports timings of 2-2-2-6 in order to keep the current ram timed like that? OR, would i be able to just slow down my current ram to fit my other slot? lastly, would i need to disable dual channel to add a new stick of ram in there, or would it be possible to say buy an identical stick of ram of the first 2, then keep the dual channel enabled.

thanks for any help, if you can answer any of these questions or give me any advice, i'd really appreciate it.

07-04-04, 08:57 PM
The third slot runs off one of the dual channels so disabling dual channel is not required. In order to keep the timings that tight however, you will need to find ram thats rated for the speed/timings. You could get lucky by buying ram that is not rated for those timings but I doubt that, you can also just relax the timings a bit if you can't find something that matches what you've got now.