View Full Version : Far Cry - DXT5 vs 3Dc Compression

07-05-04, 09:55 AM
I've got a few questions about these two texture compression formats.

How long has ATI been trying to get game developers to use DXT5?

If a game supports 3Dc then there has to be a fallback for other cards that dont support it such as DXT5 correct?

What are the IQ/Performance differences between DXT5 and 3Dc? I saw some pics and the IQ differences looked minimal.

Will the 6800's use DXT5 in Far Cry when 3Dc is added in the 1.3 patch?

What kind of benefits will the X800XT w/ 3Dc have over the 6800u w/ DXT5?

I've read in a few threads that nVidia doesn't perform DXT5 as well as ATI.

Can someone just give me a rundown of the differences between these two compression formats?

07-05-04, 10:12 AM
Most of your questions can be answered in this thread: