View Full Version : What affects sound scoring in 3dmark03?

07-06-04, 03:30 PM
Not that I really care, but I'm just curious.

I've noticed some people with super beefy rigs that are scoring in the 30s and 40s with the 3 sound tests in 3dmark. The guy who just got the EVGA UEE scored in the 40s on sounds. However I have seen other scores where people with equivalent machines are scoring in the 60s and 70s on the sound tests. I personally score in the 30s with an athlon 3000+ and a 5900nu and an audigy1.

The scores I've seen don't seem to be affected in any great way by or the other by CPU speed or video card power. So does the sound card type have the most direct effect on the score? If that is the case then why aren't scores higher for the zero sounds test, where your sound card shouldn't come into play.

07-06-04, 03:32 PM
Sorry, should have posted in the benchmark forum.. please move..