View Full Version : Any cards in the Phoenix, AZ area?

07-07-04, 01:40 AM
Anyone manage to find a GT or Ultra in the Phoenix area? I've been checking several stores and haven't found anything yet. I would think Fry's would be one of the first to carry them.

07-07-04, 01:42 AM
Here you go:
The 6800GT's are available and can be ordered if we dont have one in stock

I have 1 left in Upland... $449 for the GT.

07-07-04, 02:02 AM
was at frys today ,, no cards to be found that have been released lately , ati or nvidia. frys does a lousy job stocking their shelves , everytime that i find a motherboard, they are out. pcclub sometimes have products you want, but are very expensive. their online price is not store price.