View Full Version : Problems with NurbsRenderer

07-07-04, 06:46 AM
I've problems with the GLU NurbsRenderer. I'm not sure what's going wrong, but as it appears only on systems with Nvidia graphics cards (and on all such systems) I conclude it is a problem in the driver.

There are some nurbs surfaces that are not displayed correctly or disappear completly, when using the default GLU_NURBS_MODE GLU_NURBS_RENDERER. If I use the GLU_NURBS_MODE GLU_NURBS_TESSELLATOR (only avaliable with GLU 1.3) and make all original OpenGL calls myself everything works.

There's an example program avaliable at
to show this behavior. If you start this program you will probably see a black window, but you shouldn't. Main key commands are
q - quit
c - switch display of control points
t - switch trimming
M - switch GLU_NURBS_MODE (see the surface or not) (GLU 1.3 only)

The problem is the same with the linux and windows driver, but with other graphics cards (linux and windows) everything works fine.

Any hints?