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07-07-04, 08:53 AM
Hello there,

I started to get some CTDs and BSODs with my system while playing games so I ran Memtest86, Microsoft Memory Diagnostics and Prime95, they all found errors. So I cleaned some dust from the CPU fan, put the mem in sync with FSB (it's 166FSB/166mem now, 166f/200 previously), upped the Vdimm voltage to 2,72V (from auto) and the CPU voltage to 2,675V (from 2,65V).

I run Prime95 overnight, no errors. Windows util finds none as well. But I've run Memtest86 this mornign and it's been running for 6 hours now. No errors found so far, but the final test (#11 I think, have to check when I get home from work) is taking extremely long to finish. And I'm still on the first pass! Even the WallTime clock counter is refreshing only every 2-3 seconds instead of regular 1 second.

Do you guys know whether this is an indication of an error or not? I know that 1 pass of memtest takes a long time, but it's the sluggish Walltime counter that worries me the most...

EPoX 8RDA+ Rev2.1
AMD AthlonXP 2500+ @11x166Mhz
1x512MB of TwinMos PC3200 DDR400
MSI GeForceFX 5900XT-128VTD

07-07-04, 09:19 AM
That is some strange behavior there. Not sure what to tell you except you might try loading defaults in your BIOS, putting the memory on SPD, and see what happens. Others may have some better suggestions.

07-07-04, 09:43 AM
Thanks, but my default mem speed is higher than the CPU speed and 166FSB/200MEM not only decreases performance on nForce2 as I gather, but also gives memtest errors as I have experienced...