View Full Version : 6800 Demo Timbury has been uploaded

07-07-04, 01:29 PM
Timbury has been uploaded to the "alt.binaries.3d" newsgroup.

Go here for more info:


07-07-04, 02:04 PM
thx man much apprec

07-07-04, 02:25 PM
Your Welcome.

I've learned here:


That it requires 1 gig of memory!!

LOL I'm gonna have too upgrade soon! :lol2:

07-07-04, 02:36 PM
Pirates next?

And thanks for uploading!!

07-07-04, 02:50 PM

Pirates will be uploaded tommorow.

It's great to see that you're all interested.

07-07-04, 03:21 PM
Can someone explain to me and other newsgroup n00bs how exactly to go about retrieving these demos? What software do I have to use? Do I have to sign up for anything and how do I use it?


07-07-04, 03:24 PM
do you haev newsgroup acess with your broadband provider?? u can use many different programs, I use Newsbin Pro..

07-07-04, 03:27 PM
do you haev newsgroup acess with your broadband provider??

Beats me. My roommate handled all that, including setup of our wireless network. I just connect to it. :p

I'll take a look, though.

07-07-04, 03:28 PM
who is your internet provider?

07-07-04, 04:12 PM
Xnews is good. Outlook Express can do it if they're UUE and not yEnc.

You basically have to setup the new reader to connect to the news provider. It'll list the various newsgroup that the news provider supports. You choose the ones you want to subscribe to (or you can usually just double click one) and it'll open that newsgroup showing you all the articles. Kind of like a forum with threaded articles. In binary newsgroups though, most of the "articles" are binary files that have to be joined (b/c they're usually split into multiple pieces) and decoded. Normally you just do this by selecting the one(s) you want and then clicking the decode button or something similiar.

Edit: It's usually a free service provided by the ISP that you use so you usually don't have to sign up or anything to use it. Just need to fill in the correct settings in whatever newsreader you're going to use.