View Full Version : want to get the most out of my 6800gt

07-07-04, 03:21 PM
im a little rusty to say the least with nvidia cards..
havent tweaked one out since the geforce2..

so i got a brand spankin new evga 6800gt.. I want to overclock this puppy and throw the best possible drivers on it..

im not sure what version drivers it came with.. cant seem to find it in the display settings..

so whats the best/newest drivers i should use? where can i find them?
what luck have you guys had with overclocking this thing? what program do you use to overclock it? what are your best overclock settings?

thanks doods.

07-07-04, 03:25 PM
A lot of potential answers to your questions can be found by browsing through our Forceware drivers forum.

As far as the "best" drivers, I'm going to give you the same answer I've given everyone since joining these forums in 2001 - it's the driver set that works best for your particular system. Some people have had the best luck with the 61.21 drivers, others 60.85 and 61.71. For me, the 61.45s have proven to be the best for my 6800 GT.

Unfortunately, trial and error is the only way you can be certain of what works.

07-07-04, 03:52 PM
thanks alot.
i feel pretty foolish for not searching now.. :screwy:

07-07-04, 03:54 PM
well without repeating sat, I'm with him on this one. 61.45 have proven to be amazing for me. I see no reason to switch.