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07-08-04, 02:20 AM
If you haven't read my other thread here's a summary of where I'm at. I ordered a BFG 6800U on BestBuy.com. It came without the manual or cds. It had visible minor damage, and the fan was 100dbs louder than it should be. I called BFG and they said they'd RMA it for me. When I'll get it back and what condition it will be in is anybody's guess.

I just checked my local Best Buy on a longshot that they'd have any in stock. They didn't, but they did have the 6800 GT.

Here's my question. Should I just exchange my faulty card at my local Best Buy for a GT, or should I wait on my BFG RMA? Thanks in advance for your opinions.

07-08-04, 02:26 AM
If you exchange it for a GT you'll save $100 dollars and get the card immediately. Thats probably what I would do. Besides, from what I hear most the GT will clock up to or beyond Ultra speeds. However the Ultra will probably overclock a little better in the long run.

07-08-04, 02:28 AM
If OC matters a lot to you, wait for the Ultra. Otherwise, GT may not be a bad choice.

07-08-04, 02:46 AM
I don't own one myself yet but it seems like almost all GTs OC to Ultra speeds. I haven't read of any great ULtra OCing way past stock speed without waterblock yet though.
Go for the GT and you'll loose a max OC of about 20 to 40 mhz only most likely.
Not sure on the memory though.

07-08-04, 03:45 AM
BFG 6800U OC can OC to 460/1200 according to the HardOCP review.

Jedi Rainman
07-08-04, 03:52 AM
BFG 6800U OC can OC to 460/1200 according to the HardOCP review.

I OC'd my BFG GF6800U to 460/1250 and its stable and as for what to do, I'd probably go with the GT and just OC it.

07-08-04, 03:59 AM
Yeah, and the 2nd molex connecter on the 6800U is solely for OC purpose as it seems.

07-08-04, 07:38 AM
I cancelled my BB order for the Ultra when I found this GT available(without a gouge $$). I think the MaDMaN OCer in me really wanted to get some big speed #'s too show off with :D. But, getting the GT saved me $120 and I got the card in my rig, as you can see it hits beyond Ultra speeds and performance is just stellar.
ya, sure I could have gotten afew more points in the benchies(not that I'm complaining ;)) with an OC'd Ultra....but in real world game play that wouldn't matter a rat's ass.....Get the GT, get up & running, have fun and save your self a C note.