View Full Version : How far can XP2200 go?

10-22-02, 05:14 PM
Curently runing (see the sig)

10-22-02, 09:50 PM
Not unlocked and @1.75 volts, I had mine up to 1979GHz.

10-23-02, 08:23 AM
Week 31 AIRGA 2200+ can run ~2080MHz at maximum voltage with DECENT air cooling (I know 5 cases, including my CPU too).

10-23-02, 09:58 AM
k I'm already getting problems with Warcraft III on 1944mhz , 1.75v I get a table with 'cannot write memory' and etc, so it's my RAM holding me back, right?

10-23-02, 10:02 AM
Um what are the safe voltage settings for memory? I'm having 266mhz modules I think :/

10-23-02, 11:44 AM
2,9 - 3,0v without additional cooling. Everything your motherboard can give :)

10-23-02, 03:10 PM
Thanks :)

10-24-02, 09:26 PM
ReDeeMeR what kinda hsf are you using?

10-24-02, 10:38 PM
Well, dunno the name, but it's copper based and gives 4821rpm (checked in SiSoftware Sandra 2002 Professional).

Also increasing mem voltage isnt helping, WCIII is droping out to desktop with 1,775 core voltage. If I'm making 1,8v PC gets overheated and game freezes, so I guess I'm stuck to 1931Mhz :(