View Full Version : Leadtek Winfast A360 TDH 128Mb FX5700

07-08-04, 06:15 AM
Hey people, a opurtunity has arisen for me to get a Leadtek Winfast A360 TDH 128Mb FX5700 for 190 buks australian, just would like to know what this cards capable card whise and is it faster them my Asus Ti4200 128mb? just one more thing please dont say save up more and buy a X800 or something hehe like people usually do, just want tyo know if anyone has this card and can tell me there experiences with it or if they no how it performs...thanks?


07-08-04, 06:25 AM
I found the FX 5700U somwhat faster so I would say it would be about the same, probably got more headroom for overclocking the gpu as well. Also through in more DX support and I would say it is the better bet.

Or you could save up more for a dual SLi 6800U extreme of course .. oops, sorry :D



07-09-04, 09:57 PM
so do you think that it would be pretty good, like it wouldnt be slower then my ti4200, coz ages ago i sold my gf4mx to buy a 5200 and it was sloower then the mx so i dont want to upgrade to that 5700 and find out that its slower then a Ti4200 lol,