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07-08-04, 02:36 PM
jakup did a look at swg and noticed it still sucks with a 6800 ultra.
i loaded everquest and checked out the bazaar which is a really heavy laggy zone you would usually need to lower your clipping down alot. it performed the same as it did on my 3rd oldest card, nvidia ti 4400. 5950 ultra was the same and the 6800 ultra is still the same.

my faith in sony making a 3d engine that can render things fast is very low. i hope they learned lessons and everquest 2 is alot better.

07-08-04, 02:56 PM
MMORPG engines are capped, so you can only get them to run to a certain point.

Still, the 6800 Ultra should run EQ1 and SWG, totally maxed out at the highest settings with ease.

As for EQ2, Sony is making EQ2 into a PS3.0 supported game that is part of "The Way It Was Meant to be Played" program. Obviously, that means little. For example, ATI runs Unreal faster than nVidia cards... but still.

Keep in mind that Sony has consistantly said that no current system will run EQ2 "maxed out"....


07-08-04, 02:58 PM
Everquest and SWG are both limited by the CPU a great deal.

I found upgrading my memory from 512 to 1 Gig and Going a 2400+ @ 2.1 Ghz to a 3200+ @ 2.2 Ghz made a huge difference in that game.

07-08-04, 03:03 PM
The general rule with all SOE games is that less than 1gb of good ram won't allow you to get the most out your playing experience, going from 512 to 1 gb was like night and day for me in swg and ps when I still played them.

07-08-04, 06:26 PM
i'm not talkin about memory or cpu here.
i'm talking about the engines.
i've never played eq with less then 1gb memory.
i've played it on 450mhz, 2ghz, 3.2EE
i've played it with geforce 4 ti 4400, fx 5950ultra, and now 6800 ultra.