View Full Version : 6800 ultra and power supply?

07-08-04, 02:51 PM
Hi, I have an:

ENERMAX Noisetaker 470W Power Supply, Model "EG475AX-VE-SFMA"
Output: +3.3V@34A,+5V@40A,+12V1@16A,+12V2@15A,-12V@0.8A,+5VSB@2.5A

I can't imagine this high quality psu wouldn't be ok with the BFG 6800 ultra I have pre-ordered. Will I have any problems?


Jordan "AstroCat"

07-08-04, 03:02 PM
I seriously dought you'll have an issue with that PSU. Don't let it hold you back from getting an Ultra.

07-08-04, 03:05 PM
you'll be fine. If I remember correctly nvidia lowered the requirements of the ultra/psu to 350 watts min. So your fine. As long as you dont have like 8 case fans, 2 hard drives, and a prescott cpu...you'll be alright :) Buy that bad boy and enjoy.