View Full Version : Anyone Know of XFX 6800 Ultra Release

07-08-04, 05:42 PM
Anyone know when the next batch of 6800 ultras for XFX are going to be released. I see that alot of people are buying GT, and that the first few people to get their hands on a ultra 4 weeks ago are blessed with a miracle. Now that Xbit Labs is reporting that Nvidia production for the 6800 is fully vamped and there should be no bottlenecks in production, I hope to see prices come down to were they should be for the 6800 Ultra. But nothing is being released and the companies themselves know nothing, which is a lie, but I'm really hoping that XFX releases a batch before the last week in July, bcz most ppl know by now Gainward is releasing their product on the last day of July, which is a crime, if u ask me, when a refresh of the product is due out in the fall.


07-08-04, 07:06 PM
Unfortunately, my crystal ball is in the repair shop. :kar:

Seriously, I think anyone would be merely guessing, although I have heard a lot mentioning end of this month.