View Full Version : CompUSA PNY GT now available to pre-order

07-09-04, 10:04 AM
Just in case you're interested...


07-09-04, 02:42 PM
Of course it's in stock now...preorder my A$$, their takin right outa stock now that the 30% off PNY sale is over,,,,,CompUSA will never get a dime out of me again..Three different salespeople told me three different things...the fourth told me the truth. They couldn't and wouldn't do what they advertised, so to avoid the loss....all we saw was out of stock....till today . Fucget them !

07-09-04, 02:53 PM
IMHO if I was to buy a 6800GT I would get a BFG since it's got a guaranteed overclock right out of the box. If I was getting a 6800 Ultra it would be the same story for me - I know there is no chance I will be able to score a "Extreme Edition".