View Full Version : 6800 gt or x800 pro?

07-09-04, 06:39 PM
hi all,

im not sure whether to go with a x800 pro or a 6800 GT? i am planning to play Far Cry, Doom 3, HL2 (CS:S) and STALKER on full detail, maybe with FSAA and/or AF. what will last me longer and what will give me the best image quality and fps in all games?


07-09-04, 06:47 PM
6800 GT can overclock to Ultra with no problems. GT also has 16 pipelines instead of 12 for the X800 Pro.

In reality both cards are great and you would be happy with either one. I have the GT myself and I am very happy with it.

07-09-04, 06:51 PM
6800GT... 16 pipelines, SM3.0 supports.. can't go wrong ;)

07-09-04, 06:52 PM
both perform very much the same altough the gt is faster overall plus it has SM3.0

07-09-04, 06:53 PM
I have them both and they're both good cards. Like ChemOp said, you'll probably be happy with either one. If I had to pick just one I'd go with the GT though. It's a little faster and seems to be a little more future proof.