View Full Version : 6800 ultra and 60.xx drivers crashing solidworks

07-11-04, 02:07 PM
getting instant lockups in solidworks using my ultra and any 6800 drivers. tried every setting, running in nv30 compatibility mode, lots of combinations in rivatuner, fastwrites disabled, stock setting....etc. nothing works. the second solidworks opens up and you touch anything you get a hard lockup. software opengl setting works but it is damn slow.

does anyone know if you can get the 56.72 drivers to run on a 6800 ultra. i know that sm 3.0 etc will not work but you don't need this for CAD work. anyone else tried to run solidworks on their 6800 gt/ultra...


07-11-04, 02:11 PM
Nope, it won't work. Support for NV40 was added in 60.xx series of drivers. Why not try one of the WHQL certified 61.xx drivers?

07-11-04, 02:17 PM
tried every driver, same effect. Pro-e run fine but solidworks is broken...

Mike EFix
07-11-04, 04:35 PM
Solidworks 2004 is working fine on my machine with 6171's

07-11-04, 04:51 PM
was worried about that, solidworks worked perfect when i had my 6800GT also. hope it isn't an ultra specific problem...