View Full Version : FSB at 205+ Ram Issues?

07-12-04, 01:20 AM
I'm trying to push my CPU/Ram past 205FSB and I seem to get instability after that, I'm not sure if its a voltage problem or if its just the limit of the hardware but here are my specs. P4 3ghz on an ICG-7 Max3 with Pc3200 Low Latency Corsair XMS. My voltages from MBM are: about 2.73 and Vcore is about 1.61 for the vcore. Not sure if these are correct off the top of my head since MBM doesn't seem to be working, but on the BIOS monitor they seemed to be drastically lower than what I was setting them at, .5 to 1 volt off. Temps are 25/36 and timings on the ram are 6 2 2 2. Seems like I should easily get more out of this but I'm not quite sure what to change. Thanks in advance.

*update* Changed to approx. 1.67vcore and DDR@ 2.86 and crashed as soon as windows booted. Gonna try with a lower DDR voltage.

Bill The Cat
07-12-04, 01:27 PM
Ack. I've had instability upping cheapo Kingston memory 5 mhz, but Corsair LL XMS shouldn't be having anything like that. Try relaxing timings to 2.5?