View Full Version : Flickering problem

07-12-04, 04:50 PM
I would really appreciate some help here. My friend has a problem with screen flickering. Here it is in a nutshell:

Right click anywhere on the desktop, screen momentarily shuts off, and comes back on.

Click NView icon in the tray, screen momentarily shuts off, and comes back on.

Drivers currently installed 61.45, card PNY 6800U.

The real kicker is that this problem existed since he was on GF4600. Basically any driver since 40.00 has this problem. XP reinstall doesn't help either. His PSU is 430watts, so it's obviously not a power problem. Lowering refresh rate seems to help a bit, the screen shuts off and comes back up faster. His monitor is a 21" Sony Trinitron. Two of my other friends have nearly identical monitors, and other hardware and are not experiencing this problem. Thank you all in advance.