View Full Version : Any news on the XFX6800 ultra

07-12-04, 06:08 PM
I saw a review that the xfx 6800 ultra came stock with 450 mhz on the core and a site said they would post their details after asking xfx. Just wondered if anyone had heard anything? cos it is like the same price as a normal 6800 ultra. If they are shipping them with 450 mhz on the core then that would be quite awesome and might persuade me to go with them.

07-12-04, 09:14 PM
I don't even think they know for sure what they are going to be shipping the cards at. So far I have read about XFX cards shipped at 425/1.1 425/1.15 and 450/1.1. Mine came in clocked at 425/1.15.
Here is a link below with a XFX 6800 Ultra. It contains some info on the clock speeds.


"The card that XFX sent in for review was clocked higher than the reference board we looked at – the GPU is clocked at 450MHz and the memory at 1100MHz, which is about as fast as you’re likely to find any 6800 Ultra card. Trying to push the GPU a mere 10MHz further made it fall over in the benchmarks; although it was still possible to push the memory a bit further than its default speed. To verify the speed of the XFX 6800 Ultra I contacted XFX and the reply was that all cards will be clocked at a minimum of 425MHz, but the 450MHz core speed can’t be guaranteed. It’s therefore worth checking before you buy.

With the clock speed in mind, our benchmark scores may be a little high due to the fact that our card was 25MHz faster than the retail cards could be. XFX is aiming to have its cards running at 450MHz at a later date when the yield of the 6800 Ultra chipset has improved."