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07-12-04, 09:38 PM
The card arrived one day early and here are my observations so far:

My system: P4B 2.8ghz
1GB PC 2700 RAM
Abit SR7-8X Motherboard
WinXP Home
WD 1200JB HD
Creative 52X cd drive
LiteOn 52X24X52 cd burner
3DCool mid tower case
3 80MM intake fans (1 front 2 side panel)
2 80MM exhaust fans blowing through the radiator
Antec True 550 PS with 2 exhaust fans
SwifTech 8600B cooling system

I bought a few reducers and some 1/4" tubing last Friday when the cooling system arrived. BFG supplies adapters for connecting 3/8 ID tubing to the 1/4' fittings on the GPU water block if you chose to use them, but they are indeed huge and seemed to be to close to the card for my comfort. There was a "heads-up" about this in another forum.

The cooling system install couldn't have been simpler. Great instructions are provided. I chose to place fans on both sides of the radiator due to seeing so many comments regarding high temps with NV 6800 cards. The radiator and one fan had to be placed outside the case due to proximity to the CPU/fan. I just didn't want to disturb airflow in that area. The external radiator and fan bolted right up to the existing 80MM case exhaust fan opening. Care must be taken to select attaching screws that won't penetrate the radiator core.

Filling, leak testing, and bleeding took most of the time needed for the installation. Man, it takes forever to get out the air pockets and bubbles. I ran the water system with a jumpered spare power supply (at my kitchen table) so the case could be rotated for bleeding air out.

By the way, someone told me the cooling system might be overkill for use with just a GPU waterblock. I think that might be true, but caution ruled.

Actual 3D card installation was a breeze. The quick install instructions are easy to understand and follow. 61.21 drivers come on the install disk.

Temperatures (all Centigrade) observed:

Before new item install: CPU 37 system 31 at idle (2D). Up to 47 (cpu) and 44 (system) during 3D gaming.

After install: CPU and system temps at idle are unchanged. During 3 loops of "rthdribl" the CPU temp rose to 45 and system to 36. Dropped to 39 and 34 in less than one minute after testing. For the GPU, ambient rose to 38 and core to 48 during the loop. These dropped to 34 and 45 within the first minute. All steadily dropped back to no load norms

Idle temps for the GPU are 43 core, 35 ambient with the case panels off and 45 and 33 with the case closed up. 3DMarK 2001SE and 2003 brought temps up to 47 core and 40 ambient.

I wish there were great 3DMark scores to report, but they are just so-so. The BFG card came with speeds as advertised: clock 470 memory 1100. I have no plans to push them since my system is holding the card back. Future upgrading will take care of that.

My scores:
with GF3 Ti-550 3DMark 2001SE 8101 and 3DMark 2003 1077
with BFG 6800U OC and water block 3DMark 2001SE 13453 and 3DMark 2003 11230

There's no doubt that my system is severely holding the BFG card back. It will blossom as time and upgrades go by!

07-12-04, 09:49 PM
your 3dmark2001SE score appears to be a typo :)

my 1900+/9700pro gave me a higher score than that...oc'd...

btw... nice job m8... post some pics and benches when you have had a chance to play around with your new toy :thumbsup:

excellent work :)

07-12-04, 09:56 PM
Eh, my 3dmark01 scores are similar to that on my 6800 GT and 2600+(not oc'ed). The benchmark is just pretty CPU dependent, with higher FSB resulting in much higher scores.

07-12-04, 09:57 PM
Odd, I get 18,000 3dmarks with my system with an Athlon XP 3200+ @ 200 FSB and 2.2 Ghz, With a Geforce 6800NU @ 325/885

07-12-04, 09:58 PM

If I hadn't got this GT for 299 I'd be all over that.

07-12-04, 10:21 PM
Eh, my 3dmark01 scores are similar to that on my 6800 GT and 2600+(not oc'ed). The benchmark is just pretty CPU dependent, with higher FSB resulting in much higher scores.

granted... but the score is still low taking everything into consideration it would seem...

meh... your 3dm03 is on the mark though :)

07-12-04, 10:34 PM
i get like 100 points less than u do on 2003 and i have a GT not oced and a stock cpu heh.

07-12-04, 11:01 PM
Yeah... that 3DMark2001SE score has to be off.

My Athlon 2600+ (266MHz FSB) rig with a 9800 Pro spanks that score. (Everything stock)

My OC'd Mobile Athlon 2500+ @ 2.5 GHz with a Geforce 3 Ti500 @ stock clocks gets near the same. (Waiting to put a GT in that one).