View Full Version : geForce FX 5200 Dualview with DVI

07-13-04, 01:12 PM
I am using a geForce FX 5200 with the a DVI and a standard VGA and an S-video port on the back. I have 2 monitors hooked up to it. One via the DVI (with no converter, straight from DVI out to a monitor with DVI in) port and one via the VGA port. I can get one or the other but not both. I am using the latest nView software and drivers. Can anyone please help me? I am loosing my mind.


07-20-04, 06:35 PM
when you right click to desktop go to properties settings,
do you see 2 monitor icons, 1 & 2.
if so click on the other which will be highlighted out and select extend windows desktop to this monitor,

i got a fx5200 and have both monitors working together!