View Full Version : Far Cry CTD w/ AA enabled

07-14-04, 02:25 PM
I've been using the 61.71 drivers and i just updated to the WHQL 61.72 drivers and Far Cry refuses to load at 1600x1200 w/ 4xAA. As long as AA isn't enabled it loads just fine at "very high" settings. If i enable 2xAA it loads into window mode at a reduced resolution. At 4xAA or higher it just CTD's as soon as the screen turns black and it starts to load.

I'm enabling AA through the Far Cry config of course because of the fact AA doesn't work in Far Cry if you enable it through the CP.

Whats the deal?!?

07-14-04, 03:46 PM
Noone else has a problem with Far Cry crashing when AA is enabled on the new beta drivers?