View Full Version : Hows bfg 470 wc 6800?

07-14-04, 04:39 PM
I recently bought a bfg 6800 ultra with waterblock oc at 470 mhz for 600 dollars at chumbo.com. I've yet to receive it. But I was wondering, do any of you guys already own this beast? And if so, what kind of experience have you had with it, and how does it perform compared to the regular clocked 400 mhz 6800?

07-14-04, 08:31 PM
sanchuez, mine has been up and running since Monday. The main thing for me is that this thing runs cool! My system and cpu temps run the same as before in 2d and 3-4 degrees C cooler when 3D apps run. The BFG card itself runs 38C ambient and 48C core maximum during 3d benchmark and demo tests. In 2D it runs 31 ambient and 38 GPU normally at idle. I'm using the 61.21 drivers that came on the install CD. For what I do, there was no difference with 61.34 or 61.72 drivers as far as performance goes. My 3DMark 2003 score was 11348 and 11383 the last two times I checked. Nothing overclocked. Some of my 3D apps run better, some don't. I suspect that is due to driver immaturity and old games that aren't patched for the 6800. Also, my pc is somewhat dated.

I don't know what cooling system you plan to use. Mine is SwifTech 8600B. Most water pumps have 1/2" ID tube connections and the BFG water block has barbs for 1/4" tubing. BFG provides couplers to convert from 1/4" to 3/8" ID tubing and they are huge. I (and one other fellow) chose to connect to the BFG water block with 1/4" tubing and simply use reducers clamped away from the card to join into the water system. Planning ahead for the water cooling made everything quite simple. It just took a long time to fill and bleed the system.

My card took 11 work days from the date of ordering to reach me. Once yours arrives, please let us know how the install goes and what your impressions are of it's performance.

07-14-04, 09:02 PM
I'm very happy with mine. It works flawlessly and cool.:-))

07-14-04, 10:00 PM
Mine doesn't run as cool as Mustangs -- it's about 48 idle and 56 or so under load -- with a Koolance Exos. 3dmark 03 on this beast though is over 13,000 Driver is 61.45