View Full Version : A7n8x-vm/400

07-15-04, 02:31 AM
Just got this as a present in my new system. I wanted to know if the onboard video supports direct3d. Been trying it with the new spiderman game, and its telling me I need to turn it on. Thanks a bunch guys

07-15-04, 04:50 AM
I don't know how to activate but really: You wont play/enjoy any actual game with onboard video. NO WAY. If you have not much money get a cheapass video card.

07-15-04, 01:12 PM
I have two VM400 boards. The onboard NV17 (GeForce4 MX) video "supports" Direct3D, at least there are D3D options in my NVIDIA control panel.

However, the NV17 GPU is DX7-era hardware, and not up to par with modern games. If you're having game problems or if you don't see a D3D line item in the control panel, you may want to update your drivers from NVIDIA.com (http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp) . For example, DX9 is not recognized on the 41.13 driver that shipped with my VM400. The 41.13 control panel simply says "DirectX 8.1 or better".

FYI even my low end FX 5200 PCI cards perform better than the VM400 onboard video. However, you need an AGP card to disable the onboard completely. When you use a PCI card on the VM400, at least 8MB system memory remains allocated to the onboard video.