View Full Version : texture corruption with pny 6800gt

07-15-04, 08:44 PM
hello all
i purchased a 6800gt yesterday from comp usa only to install it and find that it had some texture corruption in any and all 3d app's i tried a few different drivers and altering all my settings and nothing worked so i took it back and got a different one only to get back and find that this one has the exact same problem only to a slightly lesser extent

mine was the first one returned to them for this reason and i find it hard to belive that i got hte only 2 bad cards out of a shipment

i was wondering if any one else here has seen this problem or seen any thing about it and how to fix it

also the corruption is not random if i run 3dmark03 its always int he same places it sometiems streaches further or what not but it always seems to start in the same place splinter cell pandora tomorrow always in the same place at the same points

ok this post is getting pretty long and im sure you all get the deal so ill end it here

via kt400 mobo xp2500+ 1gig pc2700 cl2.5 nothing is oced atm

oh yah i also tried underclocking my first card and it didnt help any

thanks for whatever help you have to offer

07-15-04, 09:31 PM
Just for giggles try different PowerSupply plug , other then that id say RMA it , might be defetive , heat issues possible also.

07-15-04, 09:51 PM
according to built in heat moniter heat is fine ambient temp is great i have card on its verry own power connector no splitter and nothing else connected to the other plugs on that cable and already returned once thanks for ideas though

was hoping someone had seen this before and i wasnt only one guess if i cant figure it out ill just take it back and keep waiting for my x800xt from gateway (that is if they ever get arround to shipping them :( )

07-15-04, 09:54 PM
If heat and power is not an issue , moust likely bad card , nothing can be helped but RMA ir for replacement :( , can try different drivers if you haven't already personaly i like 61.71.

07-16-04, 12:01 AM
sounds like you got two bad cards man. I had a similar expierence with a x800 pro from visiontek, took it back to the store and got a bba x800 pro which worked fine. Before you take it back, make sure you've done this.

Updated your chipset/agp drivers
downloaded dx9.0c
tried different nvidia drivers

if all still doesnt work...try the card in another computer, if u have one available (friend, family member, etc) see if it has the same prob. Could be a problem with your mobo and the card....cause it seems too coincedental that you'd get two bad cards....then again, they all come in the same delivery box, which could have been dropped, kicked, and thrown all the way to the store, damaging every card in the gross. :lame: Sorry to hear about the problems man, but hang in there...if the stuff above doesnt help...return this one too, get your $$ back and buy from somewhere else. Try evga.com, or chumbo.com, I think both have gt's in stock and offer next day delivery. Or if you fear the new nvidia cards have a conflict with your mobo...get an ati card. x800 pro is slower, yes, but it's good enough to run whatever comes out this year. I had it, and yes, I like the GT more, but the x800 pro was a fine card. Doom 3, HL2, Stalker, will all run on it. But i'm not endorsing the competiton...just dont want to see you get another card and have the same prob. Maybe 3 times a charm? Goodluck!