View Full Version : sound card acting up (soundstorm)

07-16-04, 02:41 AM
i just got surround sound... hooked it all up, everything is great. have it on analog (because the speakers are analog, go figure); and everything "seems" to be ok. the problem is, if i click the control panel button to enable dolby surround encoding, then do the test tone, the left is good, center is emulated, right is good -- and left surround and right surround are being emulated with the front 2 speakers as if it were trying to do 2.1 or something. don't know if it's worthy of mentioning, but the sub also doesn't boom when conducting the test.

have it set on 6 speakers
analog out is checked
dolby(R) surround encoding is checked
dolby(R) digital encoding is greyed out
create center channel is not checked (checking makes no difference)
center channel 3d pan is on (checking makes no difference)
create LFE channel is off (checking makes no difference)
rear speaker phase shift is off (checking this makes no diffrence)

this may not mean much, but when outside of dolby mode, my center speaker is barely audible (even with the center speaker turned up) when doing the tests.

one final note, when i first changed from 3 speakers to 6, my left and right channels didn't work. maybe i need to change my settings to the proper ones (i have no idea what that would be), then reboot to apply.

also, if you know of a soundstorm and/or a surround sound FAQ page, pls by all means send it to me (the owners manuals basically say *nothing* about it).